1. thissameold:

John John Florence. Tahiti. Photo by Dom Mosqueira
  2. sun-stones:

To be (cannibal) or not to be? Vanuatu by Eric Lafforgue on Flickr.
  3. kid-who-loves-spain:

Ready to surf big waves. by Tiomax80 on Flickr.
  4. beckersurf:

The barrel shot just became more interesting.
@justinedupont33 and the best angle in surfing, as captured by@laurentpujol_photographie in France.
  5. antiopia:

Blue hole, Santo island, Vanuatu
  6. surphile:

Don Valenzuela sealed for freshness.photog barton via red bull
  7. intothegreatunknown:

Erawan Waterfall | Thailand
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